‘Drug dealing den’ shut down by court

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court

A house where the tenants have made life a misery for their neighbours has been closed down for three months.

Blackpool Magistrates granted the closure order for the property on Clifford Road, North Shore after council chiefs claimed the house of multiple occupation was a drug dealing den.

However following talks between the council and the landlord of the property it was agreed to limit it to three months.

Landlord Michael Noone improves the property and gets suitable tenants he can apply to have the order lifted before that.

Nicola Morgan, prosecuting on behalf of the council, said the behaviour of some of the previous tenants amounted to anti-social behaviour which resulted in neighbours complaining to the local authority.

The new order forbids anyone from entering the house except Mr Noone and workmen employed by him.

Ms Morgan told the court; “We have had useful talks with Mr Noone and he has agreed to certain works such as fitting cameras.

“One problem tenant has already quit and the two remaining tenants are being found alternative accommodation.

“The council will be happy to allow him to re open the premises as long as the problems have been dealt with and he finds suitable tenants.”

The magistrates granted the council costs of £1,110.

Mr Noone had nothing to say in court.