Driver punched in face – at the wheel

Bust lip after knife assault in Blackpool
Bust lip after knife assault in Blackpool
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POLICE are hunting for a thug armed with a knife who attacked a driver as he sat in his car.

The 26-year-old victim was punched in the face as he waited at traffic lights on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool.

The driver had glanced at the attacker who was crossing the road with a woman shortly before the confrontation began at 4.20pm on Saturday.

The thug asked the man what he had been looking at, then without warning, reached into the car and punched him in the mouth.

He later threatened the car’s passenger and pulled up his shirt to reveal an eight inch blade.

The driver, who did not wish to be named, told The Gazette: “I think I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it’s worrying to think this man is walking about with a knife.

“I was waiting at the traffic lights by the Belle Vue pub and just happened to catch the man’s eye as he crossed the road.

“He came over and asked me what my problem was and before I had time to respond he punched me in the face.

“I looked at my passenger and he just told me to drive off so I did.”

The thug, who is believed to be aged between 19 and 22, and of mixed race was with a female of around the same age.

After punching the driver, splitting his lip and cracking three teeth, he went on to threaten the passenger.

The 22-year-old man was horrified to see he was carrying a knife.

The passenger added: “He asked me if I ‘wanted some too’ and lifted up his top so I could see he had a knife tucked down the front of his pants.

“I only saw the top of it, it was like a kitchen knife and was in a sheath.

“It’s just not normal behaviour to hit somebody for no reason and carry round a knife.”

The driver was about to turn his car around and go and confront the attacker when his passenger told him what he had seen.

The pair then decided to call the police and followed the couple along the road.

The man jumped over a wall close to a block of flats on Cumberland Avenue and vanished. The woman went into a nearby house.

Police searched the area, but were unable to locate the man or the knife.

A Blackpool Police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating the assault.

She said: “It’s obviously very concerning to hear this man was carrying a knife.

“Unprovoked attacks like this however are quite rare.

“I would urge anybody who saw this incident or has any information to call police.”

The attacker was wearing a black cap , a long sleeve black and grey jacket and checked shorts. The woman had black hair and a black top with white shorts.

Witnesses are urged to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.