‘Dragon’ found in bushes in Bispham

Dave the dragon. Picture by Nicole Redman
Dave the dragon. Picture by Nicole Redman
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Have you lost your pet dragon?

‘Dave’ the adult bearded dragon was found wandering around in bushes off the bridleway near Pets At Home, Bispham, on Saturday.

He was picked up by animal rescue group Harvey’s Army, and is now being looked after by volunteer Nicole Redman, 24, from Grange Park.

She said: “This is one of the weirdest pets I have had to deal with. It’s usually dogs and cats.

“It’s either got to be in the area itself or somebody has purposely put him there knowing that not a lot of people go there.

“He’s definitely been owned by somebody. He’s tame and easily handled. He eats from your hand. There’s nothing wild about him.

Miss Redman said she asked staff at Pets At Home if they were missing a bearded dragon, but was told they were not.

She said: “Looking at where he was found, in bushes not near any houses, and the fact that nobody has come forward, it looks like he has been dumped.”

She added: “I hope if he was dumped then the person sees this and feels horrific, because he was left for dead.Never mind the cats and foxes who could have injured or killed him - if we were having a usual British summer that was cold he wouldn’t have made it.”

She added that anybody who could shed light on where Dave may have come from should contact Harvey’s Army.

“Even if you dumped him let us know you don’t want him so that we can give him to a loving family,” she said.