Dozens of dolphins seen off coastline

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A keen yachtsman has shared his incredible video footage showing more than 20 dolphins swimming just off the coast of Blackpool.

Simon Redfearn, 47, from South Shore, was on his way to the Isle of Man earlier this month when the pod of dolphins emerged just a few feet away from his boat.

Dolphins off the coast of Blackpool. Images captured by Simon Redfearn

Dolphins off the coast of Blackpool. Images captured by Simon Redfearn

He said: “They actually swam with us for about an hour and a half.

“When they are that close they are amazing creatures.

“What you don’t see in the video is that we could actually see their eyes.

“They’re inquisitive more than anything. They showed a real interest in the boat.

“I consider myself very fortunate. It’s not every day you get to see a spectacle like that for free.”

The dad-of-two, who works as a surveyor, added that he had observed an increase in the number of marine animals living off the coast of Blackpool over the years.

The sighting comes just one month after around six bottlenose dolphins were spotted by fishermen near to the resort.

Simon said: “We seem to be getting them more and more often off the Blackpool coast, which has got to be good news when it comes to the quality of our sea.”

Wildlife Trust sand dunes officer Amy Pennington said last month: “The dolphins usually come every summer around this time. There’s around six bottlenose dolphins that come over from Wales for a holiday.”

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