Double unlucky turn as bike thieves strike

Theft victim: Tom Green with a bicycle pump, the only bike-related item he has left
Theft victim: Tom Green with a bicycle pump, the only bike-related item he has left
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A bike theft victim says he can’t believe his bad luck after he had two bikes stolen, one worth £400, in the same week.

Tom Green’s £50 bike was stolen while he was at work at the Last Orders pub in North Shore in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

As his only form of transport, he turned to a friend who was able to lend her £400 bike which was then stolen from outside the Blackpool Council offices in the town centre on Thursday evening.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it – I was thinking all sorts including whether someone had a grudge against me.

“I couldn’t understand how two bikes could be stolen from two different places at different times of day – one was in broad daylight.”

Tom, 22, was clearing up at the Last Orders on Sherbourne Road in the early hours of July 10. He said he went outside to where his bike was chained to the railings at around 4am, and was shocked to discover it was gone. Only the lock was left.

Tom said CCTV from the pub showed a man look around the bike before using bolt cutters to separate it from the lock.

Tom, who lives on Cavendish Road, Bispham, said: “I bought the bike about a year ago for £50, it’s probably not worth that much now. But it’s my mode of transport, it’s the only way I get around.”

Tom’s friend Karin Seville, of Blackpool, lent him her £400 bike.

But six days later that too was stolen. Tom said: “That’s my main priority now. I’m not as fussed as my own bike, I just want Karin’s back.

“I had been to meet some friends in town and chained by bike up in the racks on Corporation Street outside the NatWest bank. When I got back a couple of hours of later it was gone.

“I can’t understand it because it was broad daylight – surely someone would have seen something.

“There was no lock left, nothing at all.

“Karin was fuming.”

Blackpool Police has confirmed it is looking into the thefts. The first bike stolen was a red and white CBR mountain bike, stolen at around 3.50am on July 10. The second was a blue Voodoo Bamtu stolen at around 6pm on July 17. Anyone with information is asked to call police in 101.