Double trouble hits firms at business park

Cars cram on to space where there are no yellow lines on Blackpool Business Park
Cars cram on to space where there are no yellow lines on Blackpool Business Park
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Changes to parking restrictions on a South Shore business park have had a negative impact on companies based there, one business leader said today.

Blackpool Council moved yellow lines painted outside some premises on Blackpool Business Park, Amy Johnson Way, in March, despite objections from companies based there.

Their aim was to improve vision on bends and access points, while allowing more parking on straight stretches of road.

Business chiefs say the move has left people having to go around the estate to search for a parking space.

Blackpool Council though says the authority had offered to provide further car parking facilities close to the estate – albeit not immediately next to the affected businesses.

But Hugh Evans, policy director at the North and Western Chamber of Trade, on Lockheed Court, says the changes have made it more difficult for people to come to their office - something he feared when the plans were announced.

He said: “It has affected us because people coming to our events were able to park pretty much outside the building and now, with the restrictions in place, people have to drive around the estate to find a spare parking spot, but if they are in a hurry they just drive away.

“There was talk of getting a bus route linking us to the town, but it hasn’t been re-instated and they are not providing an alternative while stopping people from parking.

“It has come down on us like a sledgehammer and because there’s no viable alternative, we are unable to schedule events until this is sorted out.”

Gemma Quinn, 26, a customer services advisor at Town Pages Ltd, added: “I come into work 20 minutes earlier and am parking on an empty unit’s car park at the moment, but someone is going to move in there next week and I’ll have to find somewhere else.”