Doorman left his victim unconscious

Attack scene: The incident happened outside the Revolution bar in Blackpool
Attack scene: The incident happened outside the Revolution bar in Blackpool
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A doorman has avoided being sent to prison after he broke a customer’s nose and left him unconscious in a brawl outside Blackpool’s Revolution bar.

A court heard it was the second time Lloyd Garrad had assaulted someone while working on the door.

He has now been given a suspended prison term by a judge at Preston Crown Court who told him: “You were specifically trained to deal with these sorts of incidents, but you palpably failed to follow that training”.

Garrad, 28, of Glenfield Avenue, Bispham, had pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

In the latest case, a man from St Helens had been on a night out with friends in Blackpool on June 23 last year.

David Traynor, prosecuting, said the man’s son went outside to use a cashpoint, but realised he didn’t have his bank card and tried to back into the bar.

He was refused entry, apparently because doormen believed he was drunk.

He texted his father who had a discussion with the door staff when he went outside.

The prosecution said both men were pushed away by the doormen. The son ended up on the ground. His dad tried to keep some distance between the doormen and his son and was himself pushed back. Two doorman advanced towards him and it was suggested the man swung an arm.

Garrad punched him powerfully in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. He ended up lying motionless on the floor.

Mr Traynor added: “The two doorman did not offer any assistance to him. They are seen standing talking to each other. They are talking to young females when they are in the vicinity.”

The victim was left with a broken nose, badly bruised right arm and a lump to the side of his head and spent six days in hospital.

The court heard that, several years ago, Garrad was dealt with for another assault linked to his work as a doorman at another bar and given a conditional discharge.

That incident had involved pushing someone to the floor.

Richard Archer, defending, said the latest case involved a single blow, a forceful blow.

He no longer works as a doorman, but currently has two jobs - one as an electrician and at weekends at a gym.

Garrad pleaded guilty on the basis that he pushed the son away because of how close he was to him. He maintained the dad had swung a punch at him that connected, so he punched him back.

Mr Archer urged the court to pass a suspended prison sentence. Judge Jacqueline Beech told Garrad: “You should have been able to deal with him, rather than punch him so hard he was rendered unconscious, no doubt as a result of the force with which he hit the pavement.

“What is really shocking is that while he was unconscious on the ground you did absolutely nothing to assist him.” He was given 45 weeks prison suspended for 18 months, with six months supervision and a four-month curfew to run from 9pm-5.30am each night. He must pay his victim £500 compensation.