Door slammed in faces of police officers

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A college student repeatedly refused to let police officers into her mother’s home to search it.

Yasmin Catchpole at one point slammed the front door on the officers locking her mother outside.

Catchpole, 18, of Milbourne Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to obstructing police.

Don Green, prosecuting, said on August 21 at 8.20pm members of the police’s Operational Support Unit arrived at Catchpole’s address. They had the correct authorisation to search the premises following the arrest of a man who had stayed there.

Catchpole stood in the doorway and repeatedly told officers: “You’re not coming in without a warrant.”

A solicitor for the man who had been arrested explained that the police had the right of entry, but Catchpole slammed and locked the door, trapping her mother outside.

She eventually opened the door again and two officers moved her out of the way.

John McLaren, defending, said the man had recently been released from a Young Offenders’ Institution and Catchpole had let him stay at her mother’s home until he could find other accommodation. He added: “She regrets what she did.”

She was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £40 costs with £15 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.