‘Donald Trump’ in Blackpool fake news bluff

Donald Trump's waxwork supposedly at the 'White House B&B' in Blackpool (Picture: Jason Lock)
Donald Trump's waxwork supposedly at the 'White House B&B' in Blackpool (Picture: Jason Lock)
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Even Donald Trump’s waxwork can’t visit the UK without being embroiled in ‘fake news’ controversy!

A PR firm claimed the divisive US president’s mannequin had been spotted at the resort’s ‘White House B&B’, causing ‘residents to do a double take’.

But after being challenged by The Gazette, Brazen admitted it was a ‘specially commissioned B&B, just for Donald’ – and did not say where it is.

The firm was brought in to trump up hype for the figure’s arrival at Madame Tussauds on the Promenade, where it said it will remain for the ‘next few months’.

In a press release sent out to the media, and since posted on the Visit Blackpool website, it said ‘residents did a double take as Donald Trump was “spotted” in the seaside town of Blackpool as he visited the resort’s very own White House’, and said he was ‘snapped on arrival at the White House B&B with his bodyguard and seen sitting outside on a bench tweeting about his visit, while his protector looked on’.

Blackpool has two White House hotels, but neither of them look as leafy – or as staged – as the hotel in the images circulated to the pres, which are based on the work of artist Alison Jackson who produces fake paparazzi-style images of celebrities.

“It was a specially commissioned B&B, just for Donald,” a spokeswoman for Brazen later admitted when The Gazette pushed them for the truth. She did not say when asked where it was.

Trump’s use of ‘fake news’ during attacks on critical press coverage has resulted in the phrase become common parlance.

Trump has since called for US TV networks’ licences to be revoked ‘if appropriate’ after accusing them of being ‘partisan, distorted, and fake’ on social media recently.

A spokesman for Madame Tussauds said: “Madame Tussauds Blackpool can confirm that we approached a number of ‘White House B&B’s’ in Blackpool and the Fylde region to take part in the promotional shoot for our new President Trump wax figure but none were either willing or able to accommodate us on the day needed.

“Now, we know that Donald claims to be a ‘man of action’ so unperturbed, we commissioned a ‘special White House B&B’ for our ‘tongue in cheek’ photo shoot. We know the people of Blackpool have a sense of humour and we welcome them to come along to our attraction to create their own Donald Trump moments.”