‘Don’t make same mistake that I did’

Alex Taylor and (below) his firework injury.
Alex Taylor and (below) his firework injury.
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THE last two months have been tough to say the least for Alex Taylor.

The 17-year-old’s life was changed forever when a firework exploded in his hand, leaving parts of it permanently damaged.

Alex Taylor shows his firework injury.

Alex Taylor shows his firework injury.

Now, two months on from the accident, Alex wants revellers to avoid making the same mistake as him.

All it took was a lit cigarette to ignite the rocket he was holding – which took off one of his fingers, leaving two others with little or no feeling in them.

His day-to-day life has been affected by the accident, as well as his future career prospects.

Alex, of Fenton Road, central Blackpool, said: “I can’t even lift a cup of tea with my hand and the doctor advised me not to lift any cups.

“My college tutor has been saying that with what’s happened I’d be limited to a very few jobs now, it’s a bit sad really.

“I wanted to go into games design but it all involves computers and I wouldn’t be able to make them.”

Doctors are still not sure how much feeling Alex will eventually regain in his remaining digits, but the incident has also affected him psychologically.

He said: “It’s just a question of waiting, but I’ve had a button holding the tendons in place taken off.

“Now I’ve got about 40 per cent movement.

“I do get upset about it but I suppose it’s done now and I can’t really moan about it. On Bonfire Night I got really upset, I tried going to my brother’s display but I just had to come home.

“I hope when people mess around with fireworks they take me into consideration.”

Alex had been holding the lit firework in his living room after it had been passed to him by a friend on Monday, October 24.

Alex’s mum Tracey Higson, 40, admits his recovery has been difficult.

She said: “It’s been slow and he’s still emotional about it, it’s ever so painful.

“We help him as much as we can but he doesn’t like to talk about it and he still has days where he’s sitting crying.

“Another six months down the line he’ll live with it, but he’ll never forget it. He really struggled on Bonfire Night, he couldn’t cope with watching the fireworks and he’s still funny with loud bangs – it’s really taken it out of him.”

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