‘Don’t let rogues put our business at risk’

The Vapour Salon Ltd
The Vapour Salon Ltd
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The owner of a town centre e-cigarette shop has called for better regulation of his industry.

Andy Halls, who runs The Vapour Salons Ltd, on the corner of Topping Street and Church Street, Blackpool, has made the call after a new EU ruling on e-cigarettes came into force meaning packaging must include regulatory warnings, have child-proof caps, state ingredients used and display manufacturers’ name and contact details.

Mr Halls, who set up his business two years ago, said: “It’s exactly what we in the industry have been expecting.

“The problem has been that the industry has been so unregulated. Lots of pound shops and market stalls are now selling very low quality vaping equipment that doesn’t even reach current regulations of safety.

“In addition, cheap imports of liquids from the far East have been flooding into the market and you really don’t know exactly what is in some of these bottles.

“We only supply genuine equipment and high quality liquids made in the UK, USA or Europe - we know exactly what ingredients are in them - and those ingredients are all food and pharmaceutical grade quality.

“To be honest we would have liked to have seen some even stronger regulations from the EU that would have put a stop in particular to this lower end of the market, but that hasn’t happened yet.”