Don’t get caught short on the green

Wrea Green's famous dub
Wrea Green's famous dub
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SPORTSMEN have been warned if they spend a penny on a picturesque village green they may end up counting a much bigger cost.

For police and the parish council in Wrea Green have been forced to issue warnings to teams from across the Fylde coast about how urinating on their prized asset is against the law.

Residents raised concerns about sportsmen using the green as a toilet at a recent public meeting.

Although public toilets are situated just metres away behind The Grapes pub, many footballers and cricketers have been seen using the village’s famous dub as a makeshift toilet.

Mum-of-two Debbie Lister from Mythop Road, Lytham, said: “I was there with my boys and it was awful. This man just came off the pitch, walked away from where the sport was being played, and went to the toilet.

“It’s not as if there’s anywhere you can go and do something like that behind cover – the green is surrounded by road and houses on all sides – and a school, that makes it worst.

“Has it really got to the point where it’s acceptable for a grown man to do that in front of families?”

Gary Pryor, from Wrea Green, added: “I have seen people doing it and it’s not right. The toilets are only a few steps away.”

Police and parish councillors have joined forces to put up signs warning players to use nearby toilets instead.

Wrea Green parish Coun Dave Diggle said: “It’s not all the teams involved – it’s certain individuals.

“It’s not a major crime – but this is a respectable area.

“We even bought the public toilets on the car parks at The Grapes after Fylde Council threatened to close them.”

Parish Coun John Molyneux added: “We’ve put notices on all the areas around the ground and in the football changing rooms.”

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Niamh O’Donoghue said police had patrolled the green during games.

She added: “We’ve contacted the organisers of the sports clubs to discuss the complaints with them and an email has been sent out to team captains regarding the issue. Posters are now also being displayed during games instructing the use of the public toilets.”

Janet Wardell, secretary of Wrea Green Cricket Club and chairman of the parish council, said: “The cricket club put the notices up.

“They decided they would do notices to make sure none of their players were doing it. They’re fully behind it and there’s no problem now.”