Don't free sex beast, pleads Blackpool mum

A BLACKPOOL woman today pleaded with prison chiefs: "Let my brother rot in jail until the day he dies".

Heartbroken June Gillbanks is fearing child killer Peter Chester could soon be released.

Evil Chester has served 31 years in prison for the rape and murder of Mrs Gillbanks' seven-year-old daughter Donna Marie in her Mereside home in 1977.

He has now served 11 years over his recommended life sentence of 20 years for the killing of his niece, and has just applied to be considered for parole.

Although Chester's previous parole applications have been refused, Mrs Gillbanks fears her 53-year-old brother may be granted his freedom this summer.

She said: "Your child is the most precious thing you can ever have. She was my world, she was my life and he took that from me.

"Who can say he won't rape and murder another child?

"The only way they can be sure that they won't re-offend is by not letting them out. Even 31 years isn't life. Life should mean life."

Chester is one of the longest serving prisoners in the UK. He is one of around 70 inmates who are still in jail after already serving 30 years or more.

Over the years Mrs Gillbanks, who always wears a heart shaped necklace engraved with an image of Donna Marie, has submitted petitions to Downing Street to keep Chester incarcerated.

She says she hopes her campaign will help save other children.

She added: "It's so hard, it's a drain. It ruins your life. You don't want anyone to understand how it feels to lose a child in this way, you don't want anyone to go through this.

"It makes me angry. When is the Government going to get a proper deterrent?

"If a thorough life sentence came in then I'm sure it would deter some of them."

In a letter from the National Offender Management Service, Mrs Gillbanks was told Chester is in the "review process with a provisional hearing scheduled for June 2008".

The letter stated: "To date Mr Chester has had five Parole Board reviews, the last being in December 2006.

"At this last review the Parole Board did not direct his release or recommend a move to open conditions as they concluded his risk factors had remained unaddressed and his risk remained very high to children, the public and known adults. Mr Chester therefore remains in a closed prison."

Mrs Gillbanks, 54, who is crippled with arthritis, says she will never give up the fight to keep Chester behind bars.

She said: "I will speak before the Parole Board if that's what it takes. Where are my human rights?

"I'm the one living a life sentence. He should rot in jail till the day he dies."

Chester was married and lived on Lytham Road, South Shore, when he raped and murdered Donna Marie in her own bed at the family flat in Mickleden Road in October 1977.

He then placed his niece back under the bed covers as though she were asleep and put her favourite cuddly toy alongside her.

Mrs Gillbanks says she is still haunted by the harrowing memory of finding her daughter the next morning.

She added: "That picture in my head won't go. I'll never forget. It still hurts today like it did when it happened. It'll be with me till my last breath."

Chester, who is also known as Peter Chester Speakman, pleaded not guilty to the murder, but in March 1978 a jury unanimously found him guilty. He was given a life sentence - with a recommended minimum of 20 years.