Dolphin sighting is ‘very rare’ say experts

Dolphins swimming off the Blackpool coast
Dolphins swimming off the Blackpool coast
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The sighting of dolphins off the Fylde coast has been called “very rare” and is because of a number of environmental factors, according to the resort’s marine experts.

Last week a group of dolphins were spotted in the Irish Sea.

The pod of 30 were photographed and filmed around half-a-mile from the beach by sailor Simon Redfearn.

And the resort’s Sea Life Centre said cleaner sea water and warmer weather were all reasons why the marine mammals were spotted so close to the Fylde coast.

A Sea Life Blackpool spokesman said: “Sightings of bottlenose dolphins are very rare in the Irish Sea to it’s great to be able to see them from Blackpool.

“It’s thanks to a combination of the sea water in the area being cleaner, the warmer temperatures and more abundance of food i.e. sea bass, which the dolphins follow into the shallow waters, that we’ve been able to see these beautiful creatures.

Spotting dolphins off the shore in Blackpool is not unheard of.

Pods tend to visit in June and July most years and stay for several days.

And speaking last week Coun Fred Jackson, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for municipal assets, said people in the resort can all do their bit to help make dolphin visits more regular.

He added: “It’s great to see these dolphins are enjoying our warm sea water at the moment.

“Our bathing waters are cleaner than ever before.

“Our marine wildlife is an important reason why we all need to do our bit.

“Simple things like picking up your litter and not putting the wrong things down the drains and the toilet make a big difference to the sea water and these cute creatures’ natural habitats.”