Dogs swallow palm oil in beach scare

BLACKPOOL GAZETTE Kathryn Poulter from Bispham, with her dogs Lucy and Skye
BLACKPOOL GAZETTE Kathryn Poulter from Bispham, with her dogs Lucy and Skye
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A pair of pooches had a lucky escape after reportedly scoffing down chunks of a ‘mystery substance’ washed up on a Blackpool beach.

Louie the golden retriever was walking with his owner Kathryn Poulter, 59, and doggy pal Skye on Friday when she said he caught a whiff of the substance, suspected to be palm oil, on Norbreck beach.

Kathryn said: “He could smell it from the Prom and ran out onto the beach, and by the time I reached him he had already eaten it.”

Kathryn, who lives off Ashfield Road, says she believes the substance was palm oil, a potentially deadly oil that is irressistable to dogs.

She rushed her dogs to the Andrew Mellor Veterinary Surgeons on Norbreck Road, where they were both given injections to induce vomiting and empty their stomachs of the waxy substance. They made a full recovery.

Blackpool Council said it has not had any confirmed reports of the substance being found on its beaches.

Kathryn added: “I have come across this before, though I have not known it be this colour before.

“There was loads of it. Just in that small area there was about 20 chunks of it.

“I put a lump of it in my coat pocket to bring to the vets and the stain still hasn’t come out.

“My concern is that if it’s done that to my coat and it’s not washed out, what has it done to my dogs insides?

“Louis had eaten a lot of it.”

The ordeal is the second of its kind for Kathryn and her dogs.

In 2014, she took Skye and another dog, Lucy, to receive vet treatment after she believed they had eaten palm oil that had washed up on the shore.

She said: “You can’t mistake the smell. It stinks.

“The first time it happened I wasn’t sure but since then I have known what it is.

“It just makes me think they can’t be the only dogs that have eaten this.”