Doggy delight as new home found for canines

The two dogs after being re-located
The two dogs after being re-located
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Efforts beyond the call of duty have resulted in a new home for two emaciated German Shepherd dogs who were found on a Fylde park.

Fylde Council dog enforcement warden Gavin Charlton found the two starving youngsters – both dogs under a year old – on Blackpool Road North in St Annes.

Both were so hungry their ribs and shoulders were protruding, so Gavin took them to the council’s designated kennels, Sundown Kennels.

The dogs were given a health check and veterinary treatment – and then 
the search for a new home started.

After a week he and kennel staff had found a volunteer from charity German Shepherd Rescue Elite – 
Alison Clarke – to give them a new home – and now the doggy duo are helping raise funds to rescue other 
abandoned pets.

Gavin, a warden for the last 12 months, said: “We manage to find new homes for most of the dogs we rescue but this has worked out better than most.

Gavin Charlton

Gavin Charlton

“They were sad, frightened and starving when I recovered them but they are now happy in their new home – they are clearly two sisters from the same litter and the new owner is keeping them together.

“Their new owner has sent me some pictures and both dogs have now filled out nicely.

“They are such well-adjusted dogs that Alison takes them around dog shows – they wear collecting pouches to raise money to rescue other dogs.

“We’re always pleased to help in this way.

“Some people fear German Shepherds but they are friendly animals if they are treated right.

“Happy endings like this make my job worthwhile.”

Alison Clarke, co-founder of German Shepherd Rescue Elite, added: “Gavin did great work in chasing around until he got the dogs sorted out.

“Thanks to him, two lovely dogs now have a good home and a new start.”

For further details of German Shepherd Rescue Elite visit