Dog owner warns others over attack

Brian and Grouch with fellow dog walkers Wendy Briggs and Margaret Ball.
Brian and Grouch with fellow dog walkers Wendy Briggs and Margaret Ball.
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Dog walkers who visit a Blackpool park are warning others to be vigilant after a spate of attacks on their pets by other dogs.

Regular visitor Brian Tucker said he and his friends have seen a number of dogs attacked by other dogs in Stanley Park.

Now the dog owner, whose own mini dachshund was attacked, is warning others to be aware of potential threats and attacks.

He said: “A friend of mine had his greyhound attacked and another dog had his ear snapped by a rottweiller.

“I want people to be warned - it could have been a child attacked.”

Mr Tucker said his mini dachshund, Grouch, was attacked by two dogs, which he said looked to be a staffordshire bull terrier cross and a rottweiller cross, in the park on Friday morning.

The 49-year-old said: “Out of the blue I heard this commotion and then saw Grouch being attacked.

“I saw this fella ripping his dogs off mine and running towards me.

“They were both very young dogs, they weren’t on leads and didn’t have collars.

“Grouch has got a severe neck injury and back injuries.”

A volunteer for Trinity Hospice, Mr Tucker, has been left with a £270 vet bill for Grouch’s care and fears this will rise with ongoing treatment.

Mr Tucker, of Melrose Avenue, Layton, said: “He’s very, sore but he’s back out meeting his dog friends.”

Blackpool Council is asking dog owners to report any incidents to the police on 101.

Coun Gillian Campbell, cabinet member for street scene, said: “We can confirm that there was an incident in Stanley Park whereby a dog was badly injured.

“Dog attacks are rare but having a dog dangerously out of control is still a criminal offence. We will not tolerate any irresponsible dog behaviour and will take action.”

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