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Blackpool historical'Beach, Tower and Great Wheel
Blackpool historical'Beach, Tower and Great Wheel
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A day trip to the beach could be just what the doctor

Blackpool has plenty to offer for tourists and now new research suggests a mental health boost can be added to that list.

UCLan tourism experts Dr David Jarratt and Dr Sean Gammon found returning to the same seaside resorts gives people a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia and memories of late relatives.

Dr Gammon said: “Nostalgia has been given bad press in recent years but it seems to be enjoying a resurgence for good reasons.

“Evidence suggests that it is good for our mental wellbeing as we tap into our younger selves with renewed optimism. The seaside is the ideal place to experience this nostalgia because the seascape and the feel of the sand between our toes doesn’t change.”

The research found tourists consistently flocked to the seaside, even in times of economic difficulty.

Blackpool historian Barry Band said many visitors come to the resort out of nostalgia.

He added: “You’ll notice quite a lot of our visitors are beyond 50-years-old and a lot of the nostalgia comes from the entertainment we had right up until the 90s, by which I mean two big shows nightly at the local theatres.

“I do talks about the theatres and people turn up specifically for the nostalgia talks.

“Fifty years ago Blackpool had a terrific range of entertainment and that has a lasting impact.”

Dr Jarratt said: “We live in an ever changing present which can sometimes make people feel anxious and seaside memories are the perfect antidote to that.”