Dispute over seven day bus pass prices

Prices too high? Over Wyre bus seven day ticket in dispute
Prices too high? Over Wyre bus seven day ticket in dispute
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Bus passengers are asking why they have to continue paying for seven day tickets to Over Wyre when services only run six days a week.

Bus services to the area were severely curtailed when Lancashire County Council axed £5m of subsidies last month.

Blackpool Transport agreed to continue running the 2C route, the main service linking the villages of Hambleton, Stalmine, Preesall and Knott End to Blackpool.

However the route does not operate on a Sunday.

In spite of that Jacqui Shaw, of Fordstone in Preesall, is still having to pay for a seven day pass to get to and from work.

“I work at Bodycare in Poulton,” she said.

“I’m not on set days so it’s always just made sense to buy a seven day ticket.

“I’m using the bus on different days every week.

“I carried on doing it in April when the bus services changed.

“But obviously I couldn’t use the bus on Sundays because there was no service.

“I suddenly realised I was paying for one day I was never going to be able to use. It’s not just me, other passengers have said the same thing.”

Mrs Shaw says she was initially told by Blackpool Transport she could just buy a five day ticket. But for a worker on irregular hours, that just didn’t work.

“I could buy one for Monday to Friday, but what if I’m in on Saturday and off one day in the week. I have to pay again.It’s daft, it’s no use at all.

“I’ve asked for a six day fare but they have said it isn’t going to happen.

“Of course, what we really want is a seven day bus service.”

Blackpool Transport insisted its weekly fares still represented good value to customers Over Wyre.

A spokesman said: “The Blackpool1 weekly ticket is valid for use 7 days per week on all services both bus and tram that are operational.

“Even if only used for 5 days at £14 per week, if purchased on the bus or tram equates to £2.80 per day, for six days use equates to £2.33 per day which is still excellent value for money.

“The weekly ticket can also be purchased at PayPoint outlets for a price of £13.50 this is even better value and is the same price as 3 daily tickets if purchased at PayPoint.

“The Blackpool1 day ticket is £4.50 if purchased in advance from a retail outlet or £5.00 if purchased on the vehicle on the day.”