Disabled woman’s car boot outrage

Rita Jones of Waterhead Crescent, Norbreck
Rita Jones of Waterhead Crescent, Norbreck
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A WOMAN has claimed she was thrown off a car boot sale for being disabled.

Rita Jones, a former driving instructor from Norbreck, says she was told she was a “disabled troublemaker” and ordered to clear off the Norcross car boot sale site.

The 66-year-old, who suffers from fibromyalgia –muscle pains – and chronic fatigue syndrome, said she was trying to park at the side of a track into the field when a marshal at the site issued a “tirade of abuse”.

Mrs Jones said: “I was manoeuvring into place when an official woman started saying I couldn’t park there.

“I have difficulty walking, I walk with a stick. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t park there – I wasn’t causing an obstruction, you would have been able to get a fire engine passed me.

“I’m an ex-driving instructor and I’ve got an idea of how to park.

“I pointed at my disabled badge and when I tried to reason with her she got stroppy.

“Her language was unnecessary. I got a tirade of abuse.”

Mrs Jones, of Waterhead Crescent, said she was shocked by the response and believes the site, off Norcross Lane, should provide signed disabled parking spaces.

She added: “The official woman said to me if you’re disabled and you can’t walk from the car park to the car boots stalls, I don’t know why you’re here.

“She said I shouldn’t bother coming back because they didn’t want the aggravation.”

But organiser Steve Caunce said the site does provide disabled spaces near the stalls.

He said: “There was no discrimination at all. She was politely asked to move her car because we have to keep that area clear for ambulances. She was actually blocking the only major access road into the site.

“The other vehicles were in the section for traders only.

“The lady started shouting that she was disabled and would park where she wanted. She was politely asked to leave. This is why we have marshals on, for the smooth running of the site.

“There isn’t a problem if she wants to come back. There is plenty of parking right by the other side of the access road and spaces where disabled people can park.”