Dining Out: Java, Lytham

Java, Lytham
Java, Lytham
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A flippin’ great Friday lunch with eight chunky chips...

Java is quite possibly the perfect venue for the last drink of the evening. A few in the Taps, jostle for room in Henry’s and then as the clock ticks past midnight, on to Java for a final beverage before the merry wander home.

Situated perfectly in the square in Lytham, it’s laid back ambience, table service and great atmosphere mean it’s a popular fixture of Lytham’s bustling night time offering.

But if you stand still, as they say, then you go backwards. So Java was revamped and given a fresh new look on the inside. The lay-out hasn’t changed much except a tiny bit more room has been squeezed out of the crampt space available. Being so popular who could blame them?

Fortunately the food was still utterly top notch.

The start of one of those rare long weekends necessitated a spot of lunch with Java the instant choice.

I ordered a tuna sandwich with a side order of chips (more about them later) while my other half went for a BLT.

It arrived in less than 10 minutes, the tuna plentiful, a crunchy side salad and fresh brown bread combining to make the perfect lunchtime stomach filler.

I was refused a bite (for research purposes, I might add) but was assured the BLT was of equal class. The bacon was lean with no fat on it and had that wonderfully chargrilled look that for some reason make it look more appetising.

Ah yes, the chips. For £2.95 I got eight chips as a side order.

Now that may seem poor value (just shy of 37p each in case you’re wondering...) but you should have seen them. Look farmer’s fingers they were. Like carefully-chopped rectangular bricks of potato stacked on top of each other like a fluffy and succulent edible version of Jenga.

There was probably more spud in those eight chips than you’d get in any side order at a restaurant.

Slightly pretentious, perhaps, but boy were they good, especially dipped in ketchup.

Our bill, with drinks, came to just over £20. Lovely.


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