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Bloor Homes public consultation
Bloor Homes public consultation
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WHAT do you want from a new housing estate?

That was the question put to residents in Kirkham as developer Bloor Homes came to town to talk about its plans for the so-called “Kirkham Triangle”.

The developer wants to put around 150 homes on the countryside site between the A585 and A583 – but locals at the town’s community centre were far from convinced.

Walter Williamson, 82, from Kirkham, said: “It’s an all right idea but there are no doctors or dentists in Kirkham, and they’ve built properties in Wesham which are not selling.

“There are no amenities up there either – people would have to come into Kirkham and we’ve only got one supermarket.”

Bloor Homes provided questionnaires for residents in a bid to find out what the area needed, with a view to returning later this year with detailed plans for the site.

And Lynne Lowe, who lives close to the site at The Ferns, said: “I’m prepared to keep an open mind but I don’t see that Kirkham would need it.

“They’ve asked about affordable homes but you can get a terrace house for £80,000 here – we’re not in Lytham. So if somebody wanted a house they are there. For me the problem is the infrastructure and schools. There are a lot of children in Kirkham and I don’t want to see classes get bigger.”

Chris Carter, also from Kirkham, added: “Obviously it’s in the early stages so it’s going to be interesting to see how it unfolds.

“It’s unusual in that they’re proposing to build on a fresh green field and the doctors are already really busy, the same with the schools.

“On the other side it might improve the high street.”

The developer claims the land has been identified for homes by Fylde Council in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, but local councillors were quick to stress that document has not been adopted.

No plans for the area have yet been submitted to the council, and it is unclear when Bloor Homes plans to make a formal application to build.

The firm’s planning director Mark Waite said: “It’s been a mixed reaction, I wouldn’t say positive or negative.

“Some specific issues have been raised which we’ve now got the opportunity to look at and that was the whole point of the consultation.

“We want to know what kind of houses people want and what other issues there are, whether it’s open space, school places or highways.

“We’re asking the community rather than us as a developer coming in and saying this what you need, this is how it’s going to be.

“We wanted to work with the local people as early as possible so they understand what’s going on.”