Desperate plea to reunite injured cat with owners in time for Christmas

The RSPCA is hoping to reunite a cat who was rescued after getting her leg trapped in a wheelchair ramp with her family in time for Christmas.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 12:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 1:13 pm
RSPCA officers are trying to trace the owners of this cat, which was found with its leg trapped in a wheelchair ramp in Blackpool

he distinctive-looking cat – who is white with a black nose and tail – was rescued on Monday last week (10 December) after getting stuck in a ramp of a bungalow in Highfield Road, Blackpool.She was found by an occupant of the house with her back right leg completely wedged between two metal panels. It is unknown how long she’d be stuck there for, but an open wound was on her leg and she was lethargic.RSPCA inspector Carl Larsson said: “The cat had slipped her leg between two metal sections on a wheelchair ramp and was left hanging from one leg, but luckily not fully suspended so she could reach the ground.“She was found on Monday morning, and the person who found her called us. When I got there she was quite calmly awaiting rescue.”Inspector Larsson managed to safely free the cat, before taking her to a local vet.“The cat’s leg and foot were ice cold below where they were trapped and we were worried she may lose her leg but the vets are trying to avoid that,” said Inspector Larsson. “The wound has been stitched up, and she is now on a course of antibiotics.“She is a really lovely cat who was wearing a pink collar, so she is clearly owned and loved, however she does not have a microchip so we are not able to reunite her with her owners, who are probably out of their minds sick with worry about her.“We have put her on however we haven’t had anyone come forward yet. We’d love to get her reunited with her family in time for Christmas.”Anyone who knows who the cat belongs to should contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018, leaving a message for Inspector Larsson.

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The cat was found with its leg caught in a wheelchair ramp.