Derelict site threat to port youngsters

The derelict Orient building in Station Road.
The derelict Orient building in Station Road.
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CHILDREN are risking death by playing on a derelict Fleetwood site.

And the owner fears he may be held liable if a youngster comes to grief.

The derelict Orient building in Station Road.

The derelict Orient building in Station Road.

Police have warned youths to stay away from the Orient building, on Station Road, Fleetwood, and the dangers have been underlined by the owner of the building, Andrew Hayhurst.

He told The Gazette: “Someone could have a fatal fall, there’s no question about that.

“At one time I blocked off the stairs but they got that out of the way.

“When people got into the area, there was a huge piece of concrete I got from a scrap yard up the road to block the way but they still got through.

“I have no idea how they did it.”

As well as the former office building site, which also contains the Clifton building which has open floors, and the risk of a long fall to the ground.

Mr Hayhurst has failed to get planning permission for flats and town houses on the site.He is now trying for student accommodation but is suffering further planning delays.

He added: “If someone is hurt I could be liable.

“It’s something which concerns me but there is not a lot I can do about it.

“I can sort out one way in but they get in another way.

“It’s an attraction because it’s a derelict piece of land.

“If we were doing something with it, they would not be interested.”

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Shelley Jenkinson, who runs a refreshment stall opposite the building, added: “The kids come in the school holidays and at nightime.

“They are definitely in danger on there.

“I’ve seen kids throwing bricks on the pavement when people are walking past.

“It’s terrible.

“I think there have been people sleeping in there - vagrants.

“And I have seen people right up at the top.”

PC Scott McClaren said: “I’m concerned a child could be seriously hurt as a result of a fall from a great height.

“The building has been secured on numerous occasions but children are still finding a way in.

“I would remind people of the dangers this building poses and urge parents to keep their children well away.”

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