‘Deranged’ OAP hit van driver with pickaxe handle in parking row

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A pensioner smashed a van driver over the head with the shaft of a pickaxe during a parking rage row outside a bank.

David Iredale, who was described by a witness as looking deranged, left the other driver on the ground with a head wound and drove home to have a cup of tea a court was told.

My client says the van driver came at him with raised fists

The disabled pensioner went on the attack after the van driver complained to him that the way Iredale had parked his Mazda with its disability badge on display, had blocked him in.

Iredale, 65, of Cotswold Road, Bispham, pleaded guilty to assaulting David Partington, causing him actual bodily harm.

He was committed to Preston Crown Court for sentence by a judge on August 19 by Blackpool magistrates.

He was bailed on the conditions he did not enter the Lloyds bank branch on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, or contact the victim.

Prosecutor, Peter Bardsley, said Iredale parked his Mazda outside Lloyds bank, Whitegate Drive, on May 26 about 2pm and went into the bank.

The victim, who had been in the bank, returned and asked who owned the Mazda because it was blocking his van in.

Outside the bank words were exchanged and Iredale got the pickaxe shaft out of his boot and hit the victim on the head, gashing his scalp.

A witness who saw the attack said Iredale looked “deranged.”

When interviewed by police Iredale said he did not believe he had blocked the van in when he had parked outside the bank on double yellow lines.

He said he got out the pickaxe shaft because he felt intimidated.

After hitting the van driver he said he went home and had a cup of tea.

Hugh Pond, defending, told magistrates his client, who had no previous convictions, had recently had three strokes.

He believed he had parked perfectly reasonably. When the van driver came into the bank, Iredale told him he would be out in a minute.

Mr Pond added: “My client said the van driver was aggressive and came at him with raised fists.

He pleads guilty on the basis he over-reacted.”