Deportation heartbreak for Fylde couple

Sarah Wightman is being forced to leave the country with her daughter Chloe Koratjitis
Sarah Wightman is being forced to leave the country with her daughter Chloe Koratjitis
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THIS is the heartbreaking moment a Fylde mum was forced to leave her family home.

Sarah Wightman has no idea when she or her daughter, little Chloe Koratjitis, will be able to return to their Poulton home.

The 32-year-old flew back to her native New Zealand yesterday with her 17-month-old baby after her application to remain in the UK with her fiancé, Alex Koratjitis, was rejected.

The family now face an agonising wait for their appeal to be heard next month, during which time they will be thousands of miles apart.

Miss Wightman said: “My last night was nice, we just had a quiet family night together, but the weekend went far too quickly.

“We just want this process dealt with as quickly as possible so we can be reunited.

“All the evidence has been sent in and Alex will attend the appeal in person to speak on our behalf or if the judge wants to ask him any questions.

“I hope I will be back for Christmas – I don’t even dare to think about if I wasn’t. I’m trying to think positively and not think what could happen.”

Once the couple’s appeal is heard, on October 12, even if it’s successful it could take up to 12 weeks before Miss Wightman’s paperwork is completed and she’s able to return to England.

Her application for a permanent visa was initially rejected because, despite having a daughter together, the couple were unable to prove to the UK Border Agency they had been together for two years.

It is the second time Miss Wightman has been forced to leave the country after the two year working holiday visa she initially came to the UK on expired last December.

Last time, Mr Koratjitis was able to spend four months in New Zealand with her, but this time around the self-employed plumber is unable to leave his work to accompany his family.

The 36-year-old said yesterday: “It’s a long time without your family – it takes 12 weeks to process the appeal and I just feel a bit let down by the system.

“It was hard to say goodbye, dropping your family off at the airport and not knowing when you will see them again is hard for anyone.”