Demolition finale in club’s sad demise

The Comrades Club on Adelaide Street
The Comrades Club on Adelaide Street
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The people of Blackpool bade farewell to an historic building once home to a grammar school and ex-servicemens club.

The gutted remains of the old Comrades Club on Adelaide Street are now in the process of being demolished following a huge blaze in July.

CounTony Williams, leader of the Conservatives at Blackpool Council, said: “It’s a shame when we lose these buildings of character.

“We have got some beautiful buildings in Blackpool of great historical value and it isa shame to see them go.

“I just hope that the site is now put to good use to create something that the local community needs.”

The club was once the home of Blackpool Grammar Schoolfrom 1893, and was turned into the Comrades Club in 1920 by soldiers returning from the First World War. The site is now owned by the Adelaide Street Family Practice.

A Council spokesman said: “It is of course always sad to see any building with history demolished. However, it had deteriorated into such a dangerous condition that it couldn’t remain standing.”