Del Boy funerals are all the rage

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A FYLDE man has helped give one family a funeral send-off to remember.

Darren Abey, is a huge fan of classic sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

And he managed to make a novel idea become a reality.

Darren, of Oxford Road, Fleetwood, created a unique funeral vehicle after shelling our £13,000 to transform a yellow Reliant van into a trailer hearse.

The 46-year-old then planned to pull the trailer with the three wheeler Reliant Regal van he already had, and use it for funerals.

The eye-catching van is one of several vehicle’s actually used in the classic BBC sitcom featuring wheeler dealer Del Boy.

Darren reckoned it would be great for funerals where people wanted to leave loved ones with a smile as well as a tear.

And last week the hearse was used for its first funeral job.

Mr Abey went down to Reading, Berkshire, for the ceremony.

The family of a Del Boy fanatic contacted him after seeing his website, aptly called Only Fools and Hearses.

Mr Abey said: “I’m just glad I finally got to use it.

“The family had already made arrangements with the a funeral home down in Berkshire when they spotted my website and told the home they wanted to use my hearse.

“The family said Only Fools and Hearses was just what they were looking for.

“These days some people are starting to have a different viewpoint on funerals. They want things to be a bit lighter and leave loved ones with a smile.”

Mr Abey, an HGV driver, has always been a massive fan of the TV series. He said: “Everyone seems to love Del Boy and people can somehow relate to him.

“There is massive interest in the van, wherever I go.”

And it looks like Only Fools and Hearses is about to take off.

Mr Abey has also been contacted by the Co-Op in Manchester, who want him to take along the yellow hearse for an open day in Withington next month.

A spokesman for the Co-Op in Manchester said: “The Only Fools and Hearses vehicle will be on display on October 13 to illustrate how funerals can be individually tailored to reflect the life of the deceased.”

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