Dedicated nurse even does the laundry

Nikki Roberts
Nikki Roberts
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GOING the extra mile is definitely a phrase Nikki Roberts’ colleagues would use the describe her.

And the staff nurse, on Ward C at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, has been short-listed under that category in the Gazette-backed Celebrating Success Awards.

Her colleague Kay Beaumont, nurse practitioner, who nominated her, described as “always smiling”.

She told how Nikki’s dedication meant she went above and beyond the call of duty.

She takes patients’ clothes home to wash when relatives are unable to, she raises money for charity by jumping out of planes, she comes in to work on days off, she bakes cakes for workmates to cheer them up and even took a patient who wasn’t eating for some ice cream – because that was the only thing the patient felt like eating.

The nomination said: “She is a breath of fresh air for patients, who are long-stay rehabilitation patients.

“She is skilled at spotting an ill patient early and turning around ill health at the earliest stage possible.

“Nikki wants to be a senior nurse and shows exemplary leadership skills, by simply leading by very good example.

“She never wants a thank you and loves to make others smile.

“She is a brilliant nurse, working in a labour-intensive area and she makes it look easy.”

Nikki said she was delighted to be short-listed for an award and really enjoyed her job.

She added: “I never expect to get any recognition for doing my job, but it is really nice.

“I just like doing my best for the patients. And knowing I am making a difference.

“When someone says thank you it can absolutely make your day.

“When I was a student one of the reasons I wanted to go into nursing was to make a difference to people’s lives.

“I try to do my job to a really high standard.

“On the ward I work, with stroke patients, they can be particularly dependent on the care we give.”

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