Decades of teen torment intimidates elderly folk

Former RAF serviceman Robin Adair is suffering with noisy neighbours near his home in Cleveleys
Former RAF serviceman Robin Adair is suffering with noisy neighbours near his home in Cleveleys
  • RAF veteran says he has become a prisoner in his own home
  • Abuse from youths has lasted more than a decade
  • Fears he is bearing brunt of all neighbours’ complaints
  • Feels let down by police and two MPs
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A Royal Air Force veteran said he has become a prisoner in his own home after being terrorised by gangs of teenagers for more than a decade.

Grandad-of-two Roy Adair says his life has been made a misery by the youngsters who for years have persisted on gathering outside his Nutter Road home in Cleveleys, with many throwing empty beer cans and packets of cannabis into his garden.

People can’t sell their houses because when people find out what goes on here nobody wants to live here.

RAF veteran Roy Adair

The 79-year-old said despite pleading with the youths to gather elsewhere, complaining to and attending many meetings with Lancashire Police, and two MPs, ‘nothing has been done’.

Mr Adair, who served in the 5003 Squadron after joining the RAF in 1953 at just 17-years-old, said he is confronted with verbal abuse ‘up to three times a week’ as the gangs see him as the main complainant.

The second time widower, said: “I’ve been sworn at and threatened. It can be quite scary.

“I used to enjoy gardening and reading in the garden. Now I don’t sit out there because I’ve had kids shouting obscenities and all sorts of abusive things over my yard fence.

“Me and two or three other residents have been trying to put a stop to it but nobody else dares speak up because they don’t want to have their windows put through.

“I haven’t had anyone smash my windows but for a while I was scared it would happen.

“I reported these kids about twice a month for years. Now I just don’t bother any more because nothing has ever been done.”

Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard said he is aware of the ongoing anti social behaviour and is in talks with police to find a solution.

Mr Adair, a father-of-three, moved to Cleveleys in 1999 after finding his dream retirement home close to Cleveleys town centre.

Mr Adair said: “It’s just noise and abuse whenever you leave the house.

“Putting on a brave face is difficult.

“I feel let down by the police. Nothing they have done has changed anything.

“About a week ago I was in bed at around 9am and a girl outside was shouting threatening things at a woman. I opened my window and shouted down that I would call the police and she just swore at me.

“I’ve had a boy threaten me and say ‘what do you think you’re looking at?’ when he caught me just looking out of my window.

“Nutter Road used to be a lovely community.”

In a recent incident, police were called to a disturbance on Nutter Road after a 39-year-old woman was allegedly attacked by a teenager.

While officers were dealing with the incident on October 6, another youngster was arrested for smashing up a computer.

Mr Adair, who dodged bullets after being sent with the RAF to Egypt to fight against the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, before being sent to Cyprus to resist the country’s fight for independence, said he now fears to leave his home.

He said: “I would love to move - but there’s not much chance of that at my age.

“People can’t sell their houses because when people find out what goes on here nobody wants to live here.

“My late wife wouldn’t have put up with it.

“I try to avoid the kids. It’s not so bad going out but when you come back they’re right behind your back, laughing and trying to intimidate you.”

He added that he is forced to play Scottish pipe band music full blast to drown out the constant shouting and swearing outside and now fears the problem has been going on so long nothing can be done.

Mr Adair, who worked as a paper manufacturer after leaving the RAF, said: “It has been going on for so long I don’t think this is a problem that anyone can solve.”

Conservative MP Paul Maynard said: “I’m more than aware that there are issues to do with anti social behaviour in this area and I continue to speak with police and the authorities to try to deal with it.

“But I would urge any constituents with any problems to let me know so we can continue to gather information.”

Former MP Joan Humble, said: “I responded to Mr Adair’s concerns and also to the concerns of some of his neighbours six or seven years ago and worked together with the police and social services and the situation did improve.

“I’m concerned that Mr Adair finds himself again having to contact the police.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We have had no recent reports of anti-social behaviour in the Nutter Road area, but we would encourage any concerned residents to report any incidents to us by calling 101.”