Death trap bites dust

A local demolition team is demolishing the former Fylde Farm in Normoss
A local demolition team is demolishing the former Fylde Farm in Normoss
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THIS is the sight locals hope will end months of misery at a derelict former school.

The bulldozers moved in yesterday and began tearing down buildings at Fylde Farm which community leaders have described as a “death trap”.

And contractors working on the demolition for free said they were doing it out of fear a child could be killed on the dilapidated site

Westgate House was the first building demolished after local firms donated their services to flatten the area.

JR Demolitions, Blackpool Skip Hire and MJ Wilkinson, all based on Poulton Industrial Estate, offered to demolish as many of the buildings on the site as possible before the school holidays start.

Glyn Watkins, owner of JR Demolitions, said: “You can see where the kids have got into the building and pulled bricks out to make a den and caused the roof to collapse.

“If anyone walked up there it would collapse. It is like Beirut and locals have been up in arms about it.

“A child will be killed on this site in summer if these buildings aren’t brought down – they’re dangerous.”

Neighbouring residents Steven Addy and Derek Daly came to watch the start of the demolition.

Mr Addy said: “Kids have been in this site every day, making dens, setting fires and messing around. It’s about time they demolished it.”

Mr Daly added: “I remember this site 50 years ago. But now I would love to see it all come down – it’s ridiculous.”

Not all of the buildings will be demolished however – it is believed the former Emmanuel Christian School, Cheshire House and the secure housing used as the main building of the school will remain intact until a buyer is found.

Negotiations are ongoing but the sale of the site is expected to be completed within the next eight weeks.

Fires at the site have cost the taxpayer more than £60,000 in recent years.

Mr Watkins added: “Wyre Council had a demolition order on this building and there’s more going through on other buildings.

“I’ve offered to demolish the whole lot and make it safe.

“Wyre Council couldn’t afford to demolish it and the owners didn’t want to. But it’s been allowed to stay in this state for far too long.”