Death sentence threat for dog

Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
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A PIT bull type-dog has been placed under a second suspended death sentence after a three-year-old child let it out into the street.

Mother-of-four, Tasmin Ormerod, 24, of Forshaw Avenue, Grange Park, Blackpool, denied allowing a fighting dog to stray.

She was found guilty of the offence at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court who ruled Ormerod had not done everything she could to prevent the three-year-old dog, named Reuben, straying.

Ormerod was fined £65 with the £15 victims’ surcharge and ordered to pay £300 towards fees to the kennels where the dog was kept pending the case.

The judge also placed a contingent destruction order on the dog. This means certain requirements must be met or the dog will be destroyed.

Ormerod must keep the dog on a lead with a collar and muzzle when it is out and no-one under 16 can walk the dog. The dog also has to be neutered, tattooed and chipped with identity details and insured.

On February 10 last year Ormerod had admitted a previous offence of allowing the pit bull-type dog to be in a public place while not on a lead and without a muzzle. She was given a 12 month conditional discharge for this and the dog received its first suspended sentence.

Ormerod told the judge, following this offence, she had complied with all the conditions placed on her keeping the dog.

She had also put three locks and a padlock on the back gate of her property, which had a seven foot high fence round the back.

But on July 21 while she was making tea her three-year-old son managed to open the front door, something he had never done before, and the dog had got out.

Trevor Colebourne, defending, said his client had not knowingly allowed the dog to stray.

After the incident where the child had opened the door Ormerod had fitted a bolt at the top of the door.