Danger fears as drivers use road as rat run

Trunnah Road
Trunnah Road
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Drivers using an urban rat run have been warned they are putting lives at risk.

Concerns have been raised over speeding and heavy goods vehicles using Trunnah Road in Thornton.

How there hasn’t been a fatal accident yet is beyond belief

Sam Hislop

The issue was raised by residents during an online chat with Insp Jon Smith of Wyre’s neighbourhood policing team.

And Coun Terry Lees, who represents Bourne Ward is backing calls for action.

He has been concerned by rising levels of traffic using back roads in the town and is considering calling for the extension of 20mph speed limits.

Coun Lees said: “This has been a problem for a long time and it does seem to be getting worse.

“It seems to me that people are driving far too fast down these roads.

“There are cars parked on one side and the road is very narrow in places.

“The residents have to park somewhere and the drivers should be taking that into account.”

Coun Lees believes it’s only a matter of time before there is a serious incident along the route.

“My worry is that the next time somebody contacts me about this it will be in response to a fatality,” he said.

“This is a route through a built up area and there are families and children who need to cross it.

“Drivers using this rat run need to slow down or better still stick to the main roads.

“There’s no doubt the cut-throughs are getting worse.

“More and more people are learning about them and it’s becoming a real issue.”

Coun Lees has contemplated calling for the lowering of speed limits but fears it would have little to no effect.

“I have in the past thought about putting forward proposals to introduce more 20mph limits,” he said.

“But it wouldn’t change the speeds people drive at.

“People are using this as a cut through to West Drive.

“They are shaving maybe a minute off their journey.

“It’s not a lot if you think about it.”

Coun Lees is also worried about the continued use of the route by lorries, in spite of instructions for them to stick to the main routes.

“Many drivers are sticking to the instructions,” he said. “But there will be those coming from outside the area who aren’t aware, who don’t get the instructions.

“More could be done to keep the heavy lorries off this route.”

Trunnah Road resident Sam Hislop took her complaints to the area’s police chiefs during a Facebook chat.

She posted: “How there hasn’t been a fatal accident yet is beyond belief.

“The speed cars travel down here is ridiculous – I have never seen any attempt by the police to address this problem.

“And as for the lorries who are restricted from coming down here when they are over a certain tonnage as shown on a sign is constantly ignored.”

Hazel Parker added to the debate, posting: “I have to cross that road with my kids every day it’s horrendous.

“I’ve lost count of how many wing mirrors I’ve had to replace on my car.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said residents should call 101 with details of any concerns.