Dads circus design makes reading fun

Craig Calvert with Cole Morton-Calvert, aged two, at Revoe Library
Craig Calvert with Cole Morton-Calvert, aged two, at Revoe Library
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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to enjoy reading.

That’s the message it’s hoped a circus-inspired book zone will spread.

The circus theme reading area at Revoe Library

The circus theme reading area at Revoe Library

A group of Blackpool dads has created the interactive puppet stage at Revoe Library to make dipping into a book more fun for youngsters.

The project, which is in the children’s section of the library on Revoe Street, is part of a scheme led by Blackpool Better Start.

Dads unveiled the installation this week. It is seen as a way to kickstart speech and language development among pre-school tots.

To add to the celebrations, the Fathers Reading Every Day project was also launched at the library.

It is the fourth reading programme held by Better Start as part of an initiative which has seen 60 dads register for the course.

Sharon Mather, community development manager at Better Start, said: “It’s been fantastic how Blackpool dads have embraced the library installation projects and this is the third amazing installation they have created.

“By working with Blackpool Illuminations team, Lightworks, and two local artists, these dads have learnt new skills and have also helped create an exciting space in Revoe Library that will hopefully attract more families to the children’s section.

“We are also excited to launch phase four of our very popular programme Fathers Reading Every Day.

“Since we first launched this programme last year, there has been a marked increase in the number of Blackpool families using libraries across the town.

“Both these initiatives are ways in which we are working towards better outcomes for children aged nought to four by improving speech and language development for our youngest children in Blackpool.”

Better Start aims its services at children aged four and under.