Dad’s fears at dog menace

Robin Simpson with son Lewis, at the park where the youngster was scared by two dogs.
Robin Simpson with son Lewis, at the park where the youngster was scared by two dogs.
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A Fleetwood dad is calling for more effective fencing on a seafront park after his little boy was left terrified when he was knocked down and snarled at by two large dogs.

Robin Simpson, 51, had taken four-year-old Lewis to the Marine Gardens play area on Monday afternoon, when one of the dogs ran up and knocked the youngster over.

Mr Simpson says the Husky-type animal then launched itself towards the boy’s face, before he was able to grab his son away.

However, a second Husky appeared and started growling at the shocked father and his son, before the owner appeared and pulled the dogs away.

Mr Simpson, who lives in the centre of Fleetwood, said: “My little boy was petrified, and I was shocked as well.

“Anything could have happened and Lewis wouldn’t have stood a chance – these were big dogs, both off the leash.

“The point is, they should not even have been in the park. There is a sign on the fence saying no dogs allowed.

“The only way to prevent that happening is to have proper, high fencing surrounding the park, which keeps dogs out.”

He added: “The owner was very apologetic and said that the dogs only wanted to 
play, but sometimes dogs can turn.”

A spokeswoman for Wyre Council, which owns the park, said: “The fencing at Marine Hall Gardens play area is due to be replaced with more robust metal fencing in the next couple months.

“Dogs are banned from all the children’s play areas in Wyre, so we would encourage people to report incidents like this to us so that we can tackle them.

“Fleetwood area officers have been made aware and will monitor the area.”