Dad’s 20mph plea after lucky escape

Andy Murphy on Eddington Road, Fairhaven where his youngest son was almost hit by a speeding car.
Andy Murphy on Eddington Road, Fairhaven where his youngest son was almost hit by a speeding car.
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A DAD whose son narrowly avoided being hit by a speeding driver today urged residents to support plans for 20mph limits.

Andy Murphy, from Fairhaven, has backed the new limits on all residential roads to help protect children.

Mr Murphy’s call comes after his eight-year-old youngest son had a near miss with a car outside his home in Eddington Road.

Lancashire County Council is currently in the process of rolling out the lower limits on residential streets across the county at a cost of £9.2m.

Several areas of the Fylde, including Freckleton and Wrea Green, already have the new limits in place, while Lytham is currently going through a consultation process before revised limits are introduced later this year.

St Annes, Fairhaven and Ansdell will then follow.

Mr Murphy said: “An aggressive speeding driver scared the living daylights out of my eight-year-old on our quiet and uncongested residential road.

“His 10-year-old brother was the first to shout as he saw the car come round the corner at speed and thankfully my little one heard in time.

“If one child’s life is saved as a consequence of a 20 mph limit, on any road, it is worth it. If economic and environmental impact are a big issue for drivers, my message to them is to use the bus or live with it!”

But Lytham motorist Ian Stirling has taken the opposite view in a letter of objection to the new proposed limits written to the County Council.

He said: “While I have no objections to the speed being lowered on the basis of safety, for example in the vicinity of schools and hospitals, the proposals are quite clearly a blanket coverage and proposed without any thought or consideration for the motorists involved.

“As a motorist who travels 3,000 plus miles per month I am quite aware that contrary to popular myth speed does not kill – bad driving and bad driving habits kill people and cause accidents.

“These proposals are another attack on the many law-abiding motorists who are being disadvantaged for the minority.”

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