Cyber-bullies told my girl to kill herself

Kerry Gowers is concerned about her daughter Kierah Gowers getting bullied on website
Kerry Gowers is concerned about her daughter Kierah Gowers getting bullied on website
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Kierah Gowers, 12, from South Shore, says she was plagued by anonymous bullies after signing up to social networking site

The South Shore youngster signed up to the website a year ago and started getting messages suggesting she should kill herself six months later.

One said: “If you don’t kill yourself now I will do it for you...kill you, your family and everyone that you love.”

Another post said: “There is no point in you being alive...I honestly think that the world would be a much better place if you were gone.” has made the headlines recently after several teenagers committed suicide after similar comments were made to them through the site.

Kierah, of Bond Street, Blackpool, said: “It started off with people asking questions and my opinion on stuff, and about half way through the year it started getting nasty.

“People were telling me I should drink bleach and stuff like that.”

In fact, one post states: “Go drink bleach it will kill you or you could cut really deep.

Kierah said: “That was the worst message I had, as well as one threatening my family. They were about two weeks ago.”

Highfield Humanities College pupils Kierah said she stopped going onto the website when the nasty messages started, but because the site was linked to her Facebook account, she got regular updates of what people were telling her.

She said: “I felt like I wanted to hurt myself. I felt like someone out there wants me not to be here, so I’ll make it happen.”

Kierah told her mum, Kerry, that she was thinking of drinking bleach.

Mrs Gowers, 32, who is calling for the site to be closed, said: “We don’t know who these people are or why they are doing it, but they have made her life a hell to the point where she threatened to kill herself.

“It broke my heart and I couldn’t do anything to help her.

“You shouldn’t give kids a tool like this where they can say these awful things anonymously.”

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