YOUR VIEW: Jumping to conclusions over trampoline quarrel


Monday, 13th November 2017, 8:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:15 am
Amanda Hopkins has been told her 13-year-old son Dylan Hopkins can no longer use his trampoline following complaints from neighbours
Amanda Hopkins has been told her 13-year-old son Dylan Hopkins can no longer use his trampoline following complaints from neighbours

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Eviction threat for Blackpool mum due to trampolining teen

A resort mum has been warned she faces eviction after spending just six weeks in her new home – for letting her teenager bounce on a trampoline.

Amanda Hopkins, 45, could also be fined up to £20,000 if Dylan, 13, carries on bouncing with his pals in the front yard of their Victory Road home in North Shore.

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Her elderly neighbour says the 10ft trampoline – which was pushed up against her wall – has made her life ‘hellish’.

And council chiefs have lost patience too – saying they have ‘exhausted our options’ and slapped the family with an official warning.

A Blackpool Council spokesman said “We have tried to resolve specific complaints with the support of the police but now unfortunately we have exhausted our options and have had to issue a Community Protection Warning (CPW) letter due to the behaviour of occupants and visitors to a property causing alarm, distress and harassment within the neighbourhood.”

Here’s your thoughts

In all fairness I live a few doors down from the lady in question and there’s always kids out there standing on the roof (not sure whether the roof belongs to the neighbours or themselves) and making a lot of noise. I have two boys myself and understand that kids have to be kids but they also need to be respectful! I would be complaining too if she was my neighbour

Chanise Williamson

If this woman loves the house so much surely it makes sense to get rid of the trampoline than face eviction! It would drive me crazy listening to that for hours

Deb Lewers

The trouble is kids aren’t allowed to be kids now a days! I’d rather see kids having fun than out causing trouble

Sarah Gittins

But they are causing trouble - I think you would feel differently if they were next to you

Patricia Wann

I wish the neighbours would let the children play and get a life!

They see fit to cause all this trouble over a trampoline and a bit of fun.

Why are people so miserable and complain and prepared to let someone get evicted for a trampoline?

Iris Aeyn

She’s got the trampoline pushed right up against the neighbour’s wall, of course it’s going to annoy them. I can’t believe she’s making out she’s the one that is hard done to.

Jenny Mason

I have every sympathy for the neighbours. I couldn’t be doing with it either to be honest. 10 minutes of the vibrations would have me fuming.. let alone all hours when he’s not at ‘school’ (pupil referral unit) People need consideration for others.

Joanne Smith

What a selfish inconsiderate nation we have become

Trevor Burns

This is something my neighbour would complain about

Amanda BA

I had a relative living in the end house of a terrace and kids used to kick footballs against the house end wall. It sounds minor but, inside the house, was surprisingly distressing

I’m guessing the problem is the vibrations and repetitive thumping will be rather like the effects of very loud bass on music.

The repetition makes it hard to cope with and that close to any house is not a suitable place for a trampoline

Paula Lucas

I’d go mad too if it was knocking against my wall all the time

Krista Whittaker

You never see decent employed people with stupid tales like this. If she’s not prepared to move the trampoline because “she won’t be able to get round to her car” then tough

Omar Frederick

Teaches the kid you can’t have everything you want in life. Stop being a pain and live happily in a community

Steven Waterhouse

I had this problem so moved the trampoline indoors. The kids have hit the roof...

Dave Ryder