Yobs attack elderly man for cash

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A gang of yobs preyed on a 79-year-old man last night in a brutal attack to steal some cash.

The attack happened on Vance Road, central Blackpool at 10.50pm.

The victim was visiting Blackpool from Scotland for the night before he planned to make his way to the Grand National today.

He had just left his hotel to get some fresh air when the attack happened.

DS Rick Irving, of Blackpool CID, said: “While on his walk, a group of four or five people have attacked him as they waited in an alleyway.

“One member of the group hit the man on his left side of his head forcing him to hit the floor.

“While he lay on the floor, they went rummaging through his pockets for money and stole between £40-50.”

The 79-year-old man was left badly shook up from the attack but is now thought to be okay and still planning on going to the Grand National.

Police are appealing for anyone who might have been in the area last night with information to contact police on 101 using the log number 1657.