Wyre Council’s call to help catch Fleetwood park vandals

Damage at the Martindale park in Fleetwood.
Damage at the Martindale park in Fleetwood.
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Council chiefs in Wyre are urging residents in Fleetwood to contact the police if they know anything about the vandal attack on a cherished park.

There has been an angry response from residents over the damage at the park, on Martindale Avenue on the West View estate, last weekend.

The area was closed off by Wyre Council staff while the damage was assessed.

Thugs appear to have smashed up the flooring of the park, which could cost hundreds of pounds to sort out.

The vandal attack is the latest in a long list of anti-social behaviour incidents in Fleetwood which are frustrating residents.

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Groups of youths have been blamed for causing problems across the town, with one woman complaining she was surrounded by youths in a frightening incident near the McDonalds near Freeport.

A Wyre Council spokesman said after the latest incident: “Wyre has invested a lot into our parks so this extensive vandalism is very disappointing, especially for families and young people as the summer holidays are in full swing.

“We’ve experienced a number of anti-social behaviour incidents at this park in recent months and would urge anyone that knows who the culprits are to contact the police.”

On Wyre’s Facebook site, the council said: “Vandals have attacked the playground at Martindale. Sadly, we’ve had to close off the area until further notice for safety reasons.”

Inspector Jon Smith, of Fleetwood and Wyre Police, said: “Where we have evidence, we will look to prosecute any youths who have committed a crime.”