Woman used throwing knife

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A woman used a throwing knife to cut up a sausage in the street for her pet dog,Blackpool Magistrates were told.

But having the bladed instrument in public was an offence which she admitted in court.

Magistrates adjourned sentence on Rachel Barnes, 37, of Central Drive so that probation reports can be prepared on her.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said that it was the second time Barnes had committed the offence and under new guidelines faced up to six month in jail.

She said that police were alerted to the fact Barnes
was using the knife, on Deansgate, by a member of the public.

A police office approached Barnes and told her to place the knife on the bonnet of his car which she did.

Peter Manning, defending, said Barnes had found the knife outside her flat and believed it to belong to her boyfriend who was currently in custody for attacking her.

“She is in an abusive relationship and lives in fear of him,” said Mr Manning.

“She was going to throw the knife away but forgot to do so and then she used it to cut up a sausage to feed her dog.”