Woman’s ‘ear to ear’ slash threat to worker

Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
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A woman with psychiatric problems made a threat to slash a social worker from ear to ear, a court heard.

Kelly McDougall uttered the words outside the Gateway Centre, which has a team helping people with mental health issues.

When told the social worker she wanted to see was on leave, McDonald complained she had travelled over from Preston, that the staff were useless and then threatened to slash one of them from ear to ear.

Preston Crown Court heard that when later arrested by police she had a knife on her.

Two more pen knives went on to be found in her possession.

McMcDougall, 47, formerly of Langdale Road, Mereside, had pleaded guilty to an offence of affray relating to the incident on August 22 last year.

Bob Elias, prosecuting, said that morning a member of staff arrived to find the defendant waiting at the front door of the centre, with a suitcase and a sleeping bag.

She said she was there to see a particular social worker.

McDonald was told he was on leave and claimed to have been given contradictory information by another member of staff.

She complained of a having had to travel from Preston, that the staff were useless and threatened to slash the male social worker from ear to ear.

McDonald went on to repeat the threat. She got more animated, raising her voice and shouting, claiming the person did not want to help her get the correct medication for her schizophrenia.

Police were contacted due to concerns about her behaviour. McDonald was found on Church Street, Blackpool and arrested.

She went on to say she couldn’t remember anything due to being under stress. She spoke of having slept outside the previous night before going to the centre.

Rachel Woods, defending, said: “She clearly needs some support when she is released.”

McDonald was given a nine months prison term which meant her immediate release due to time spent on remand.