Woman raped on mud track, trial hears

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A disabled woman was thrown on to a mud track and raped by a man who pretended to know her, a court was told.

Saman Osman Ali is accused of tricking his alleged victim into his car and taking her to a secluded area, near to Blackpool Zoo, where he is said to have carried out the 
terrifying attack.

Opening the case at Preston Crown Court, prosecutor Simon Blakebrough said the woman, who is in her 40s, was disabled and required crutches to get round.

And after she was spotted by Ali, he tricked her into his car by calling her by her first name.

Despite her being reluctant to get in, Ali is said to have managed to convince the woman, before driving her to land close to Woodside Drive.

It is alleged he then told her to get out before attacking her, the court heard.

Mr Blakebrough said the defendant “violently sexually assaulted” the woman.

The prosecutor added: “She said it probably didn’t last very long but if felt like it lasted forever.”The prosecution say the ordeal began on August 3 last year when the woman had walked to a post office from the South Shore area to draw some cash out.

After an unsuccessful attempt, she walked to a second post office when she came across Ali.

Mr Blakebrough said Ali beeped the horn of his Volkswagen Golf car and called her over by name.

He said: “The defendant said to her that he felt she looked very tired. She was very tired because she had walked some distance trying to get to a cash point.

“He asked her if she wanted a lift. She was at first very reluctant to get into the car because she did not recognise him but decided to take the lift.”

Ali, 23, of Harrison Street, Blackpool, drove towards the Stanley Park area. He stopped the car close to Woodside Drive and got out of the vehicle, leaving the woman inside.

Mr Blakebrough said after a short while he called to her: “Come here, you’ve got to see this”. But when she made her way over to him he forced her to the ground.

He proceeded to carry out the assault, Mr Blakebrough added. When it was over, Ali got into the car and drove off.

The woman said she was left confused and disoriented. She had cuts and bruising all over her body.

She eventually caught the attention of a passing cyclist, who raised the alarm. She was seen to by paramedics, but refused treatment.

The police were called, and after forensic examination of her clothes, Ali was traced through his DNA.

When interviewed by police, Ali told officers the woman had approached his car, made herself out to be a prostitute and asked if he wanted “business”.

He said he wanted nothing to do with her as he had a girlfriend, but had agreed to drop her off a short distance away.

He said he couldn’t account for his DNA, which has a one in a billion chance of not being his, being on her clothes. Ali denies three counts of rape.