Woman on 999 TV show ‘fell off the wagon’

999: What's your emergency?
999: What's your emergency?
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A woman relapsed after changing her life after being shamed on a notorious TV documentary.

Lindsay Taylor was taunted and ridiculed after her drunken antics were highlighted on the show “999 What’s Your Emergency?”

After seeing herself on screen Taylor went into rehab and kept out of trouble.

She then fell off the wagon and caused a drunken scene in a hospital swearing and kicking out at hospital staff and police officers.

Taylor, 33, of Branstree Road, Mereside, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and possessing amphetamine.

She was fined £85 and ordered to pay £20 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool Magistrates.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting, said staff at accident and emergency at Victoria Hospital were trying to treat Taylor on July 26 at 3am.

A security officer heard her shout at a staff nurse. The officer tried to get hold of her but she tried to kick him.

Taylor tried to lash out at a nurse. Police arrived and Taylor told them she was not leaving.

She kicked out at police as they put her in a vehicle.

At the police station a small wrap of the drug was found in her cell.

Martin Hillson, defending, said his client had featured extensively in the TV programme and she had talked about her alcohol problems on air.

He added: “After this, she was subject to ridicule and goading from people and she went on a drink rehab programme and kept out of trouble.”

“On July 26 she fell off the wagon and started to drink again. Since this incident she has gone back to counselling.”

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