Woman denies murder charge

Allan Taylor who died 16 weeks after an alleged attack
Allan Taylor who died 16 weeks after an alleged attack
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A HAIRDRESSER accused of murder said she never touched the man she is alleged to have killed.

Leanne Potter told Preston Crown Court she had been outside a Fleetwood taxi office and had not seen nor was she party to anything taking place inside.

Potter, 28, of Central Drive, Blackpool and her boyfriend of four-and-a-half years, Jamie Perks, 23, also of Central Drive, both deny a charge of murder and an alternative allegation of manslaughter.

Allan Taylor, 28, died from a blood clot 16 weeks after he was allegedly attacked at the premises of Fleetwood Taxis in the early hours of New Years Day last year.

Sixteen weeks later Mr Taylor was found dead at his Leven Avenue home after his broken ankle developed blood clots, due to his immobility.

Potter said she was someone without any convictions, cautions or reprimands. She had lived her entire life in Fleetwood, but as part of her bail, she was living at a different address in Blackpool.

David Fish, defending, asked her: “Did you assault him with intent to kill him or cause really serious harm?”

Potter replied “No, never”

Mr Fish then put it to her that she had allegedly been witnessed jumping on Mr Taylor’s back. “That’s not true”, she answered.

Potter denied assaulting Mr Taylor at all or having any physical contact with him.

She spoke of having gone out with her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve with two other couples. The defendant said by the time they reached the taxi office in the early hours of New Years Day she was merry, but not drunk.

After leaving the Wyre Light pub at around 12.45am, they had got a takeaway before heading to the taxi office around the corner. Four elderly people entered the office a few minutes later and then Mr Taylor and another man.

She said of the two men “They seemed a bid rowdy, a bit drunk.”

A taxi worker had earlier told the court she saw Perkes punch Mr Taylor once to the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

After that, she claimed both he and Leanne Potter stamped on Mr Taylor, 28, while he was still on the floor. Earlier, the jury also heard details of a report by Det Supt Neil Esseen, in the earlier part of last year, which stated there were no signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and that a doctor could not rule out spontaneous DVT.