‘Well done. Proud of you all’ - Your reaction after locals raise cash for damaged special school minibus

A Blackpool special school that was targeted by vandals has raised enough money to get its damaged buses back on the road.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 3:08 pm
Updated Friday, 15th November 2019, 7:52 am

School trips from Highfurlong School, on Blackpool Old Road, had to be cancelled after three wheelchair accessible minibuses had windows smashed in the vandal attack in the early hours of Monday.

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Blackpool special school 'delighted' as generous locals raise cash for vandalise...

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The vandalised minibus

Well done Fylde Coast. Pulling together for the greater good. I really hope the toerags that did the damage get some Karma with a capital K.

Rik Palmer

Brilliant news well done.

Sandra Roskell

Well done everyone proud of you all , now sort the rats that did it out properly.

Mark Owen

So sad there is pond life like that around us. What are their parents doing?

Caroline Barker

Throw the book at them deserve to be locked up after causing so much trouble and upset to vulnerable people. Well done Blackpool for coming together and helping them proud of you all.

Marilyn Clarke

SCUM, what type of low life would do this and I take my hat off too the kind people around Blackpool.

John Dolan

My boy’s school this and they would take kids out even just to the shop in these buses.

Caron Hodgkinson

Community service for the parents. Might make them take responsibly for their offspring.

Debbie Bee

Their parents must be so proud.

Billy Whizz

What a mindless thing to do! Show respect and care for others before you start vandalising.....it could have been you who needed this transport!

Sheila Newell

Heart breaking - but liberal courts, liberal judiciary, soft parenting, victims come last, little police on the streets and stretched to the limits - and youths endlessly taking advantage of it all, as they know the chances of being caught or dealt with properly are almost nil.

Brenda O’Rourke

The parents must have known if a youth is out at midnight,they should be named and shamed for doing this,so very sorry for the children & teachers at the school.

Cecilia Jenkins

My daughter goes to this school she was so upset about this.

Wayne Poole

You say this but if a policeman gave your boy six strokes of the cane as punishment you would go running around complaining that nobody has the right to punish your boy.

Roger Goodred