Warning to young drivers after crash

The scene of the carsh on Division Lane.
The scene of the carsh on Division Lane.
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YOUNG drivers are being warned to think of the tragic consequences of driving carelessly following the death of a Fylde teenager.

Elysia Ashworth, 17, from St Annes, died after her friend Naomi Jones crashed her car into a tree on Division Lane, Marton.

The 19-year-old, from Wesham, will now spend the next six months in a young offenders institute after being sentenced by a judge at Preston Crown Court who said she was driving “at a wholly unacceptable speed”.

Acting police sergeant Adam Lloyd, from Blackpool road policing unit, today said the crash, which also left second passenger Ellen Richardson with serious injuries, ruined the lives of all those involved.

He said: “It was a tragic incident. Three young friends went for a drive out and because of the careless nature of the driving of one of the friends it has ruined three lives.

“It has killed one of the girls, the driver has to live with the consequences and the third girl was also quite badly injured.

“No sentence that was passed down by the judge would equate to the loss of Elly -– no sentence can equate to the loss of a young life.

“It shows what can happen if you don’t pay enough attention on the road.”

Jones, of Carr Drive, Wesham, lost control of her Vauxhall Corsa on Division Lane on July 11 last year after hitting two bumps on the narrow, uneven road.

Judge Christopher Cornwall said: “I do not accept this is an accident that could have happened to anyone.

“This is an accident that could have happened to only someone like you who was driving at a wholly unacceptable speed.”

Elysia’s devastated mum, Maxine Ashworth, has spoken about whether she believes young people will learn from the tragedy.

Mrs Ashworth, of Ulverston Crescent, St Annes, said: “Some of them might take notice now but not all – young people are young people.

“One of Elly’s best friends hasn’t been able to drive since what happened. She is devastated by this.”

In a statement to police given several months after the crash, Jones said: “There has not been a day since the accident that I have not thought about Elly.

“I’m devastated by the consequences of this accident.”