Warning over drugs batch

A warning has been issued over a high-purity batch of heroin.
A warning has been issued over a high-purity batch of heroin.
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BLACKPOOL’S deputy coroner has warned party goers to be on their guard as police issue an alert over a potentially lethal batch heroin which could be in the area.

Police have information that high-purity heroin could be circulating in the Lancashire area.

Deputy coroner Christopher Beverley today people’s guards may be down over what drugs they are being offered during party season.

He said: “As it is coming up to Christmas, where there are lots of parties and social functions and so on, people who are perhaps having a few to drink might be tempted to not question where the drugs are coming from.

“Everybody must be absolutely on alert.

“Obviously the use of any heroin is putting your life in danger, and we must all take very seriously indeed any warning that comes from the police about a particularly lethal batch which may have been put forward to local members of the community.”

Officers at Lancashire Police are looking into reports of the strong heroin.

Det Supt Lee Halstead said: “It would be remiss of us not to issue a warning to drug users to be mindful that there may be a particular batch out on the streets that could prove lethal.

“Our advice would be for users to seek immediate medical attention if they notice any different symptoms or start to feel unwell.”

Mr Beverley said the problem, particularly with heroin, was that users could not see what they were being given.

He added: “Unfortunately we have this very serious and very high drug problem all the time. Throughout the year we are getting drugs-related deaths and we are concerned about the drugs that are available. If there is something that is even more lethal, that’s even more worrying.”

Anyone with information on drugs activity can call police on 101.

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