Violent thug is spared prison due to baby

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A thug who knocked a reveller unconscious outside a nightclub had his 12-month jail term suspended after a court heard his partner was about to give birth to their third child.

Andrew Patrick, 29, of Loughrigg Terrace, Mereside, admitted causing actual bodily harm after an incident in the street outside the Walkabout bar on Queen Street.

The disturbance spilled out onto The Strand with several people throwing punches

He punched a man in the back of his head, and then in his jaw, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete pavement, Preston Crown Court heard.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, said the incident was witnessed by an off-duty paramedic who ended up stopping to help the unconscious man at 2am on The Strand.

He said: “As he was driving he saw the defendant standing in the road in front of the car, he appeared unsteady on his feet and was appearing to have an argument with someone.

“As he continued to look down road he saw the defendant with his arms out to the side taking an aggressive stance, arguing with another male.

“There appeared to be someone trying to calm him down when suddenly the defendant and another man ran towards the doorway of the Walkabout pub, and he could see him swing a punch.

“The disturbance spilled out onto The Strand with several people throwing punches.

“In interview he said he had thrown a punch but said he was acting in quasi self-defence.” The court heard he had nine previous convictions for 13 offences.

Recorder Shaw said: “You’ve been in trouble for fighting in the past and here you are again.

“There will come a time when you will learn however upsetting and distressing your childhood experiences have been – and I don’t belittle those for one moment – you cannot go around inflicting violence on other people, out on the streets. Being incapable through drink is no excuse – what on earth will you tell your daughters, and another on the way?”

But he said he had to wrestle with locking him up for a short period or addressing his issues, and added: “I don’t see why your partner and children should be deprived of your presence.”

He imposed a curfew and a rehabilitation activity.