Violent rapist likely to die in his prison cell

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A 76-year-old rapist is likely to die in prison after being sentenced for historic sex offences against a woman and an underage girl.

Tom Lee was jailed for 14 years after admitting 11 offences, committed in north west Leicestershire and Blackpool, at Leicester Crown Court.

The offences included six charges of rape against the woman and one charge of rape and four charges of indecent assault against the girl, who was just 11 when the abuse started in the 70s.

Stephen Kemp, prosecuting, told the court that one of the victims, when interviewed, described Lee as “a disgusting, violent person”.

The court heard that Lee, of Gateside Drive, Grange Park, subjected the woman to horrendous abuse, hitting her over the head with a bottle on one occasion and holding a knife to her throat on another.

Mr Kemp told the court: “She said she felt like a victim and still does - he made her very ill and she is still living scared.”

He told the court that the other victim did not report the abuse for years.

“It was not until four years ago that she told anyone about what she had suffered,” Mr Kemp said.

“She said he had introduced her to things she should not have been aware of as a child and that he had taken her childhood away from her.

“She did not tell her family because she doubted anyone would believe her and it was only through watching a soap opera on television, which had a storyline where a character had suffered from childhood sexual abuse, which finally made her decide to tell someone.”

Brian Williams, representing Lee, said the only mitigation he could offer was that he had given an early guilty plea.

He told Recorder Christopher Millington: “Historic sex cases are familiar territory to these courts and here he made admissions from the very beginning.

“It is highly possible that he will not survive the sentence you pass upon him.

“These are very serious offences and there is going to be a lengthy sentence to cover them.

“I put forward no excuses or reasons for his actions.”

Sentencing Lee, Recorder Millington said he posed a danger to women.

“The impact you have had on your victims has been horrific,” he said.